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Samsung Integrates Tron and Mobile-Compatible DApp Building Tools

Samsung has integrated Tron (TRX) support to its decentralized app (DApp) store, Blockchain Keystore.

On Oct. 29 Samsung Developers website released a note revealing that Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK v1.2.0 now includes APIs that support TRX transactions.

Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK Version 1.2.0. adds APIs to support #TRON transactions. @Samsung #Blockchain Keystore SDK allows your Android app DApp, to communicate directly with Samsung Blockchain Keystore, a preloaded feature on selected Galaxy devices. — TRON Foundation (@Tronfoundation) October 30, 2019

Samsung recently announced its Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK at the Samsung Developer Conference 2019. The new SDK can tackle the two-fold challenge of bolstering security and building mobile-compatible DApps.

TRON- Decentralized Finance With a Wider Decentralized Internet Ecosystem

The Tron integration signifies that APIs for all tokens conforming to the TRC10 or 20 standards as well as with Tron-based DApps are all poised to become accessible to anyone with the Blockchain Keystore among Samsung’s massive userbase of near to one billion userbases.

The CEO of Tron, Justin Sun, positions itself as a direct competition to Ethereum (ETH) by amalgamating decentralized finance with a wider decentralized internet ecosystem hinted recently at an undisclosed partnership with an allegedly “hundred billion USD megacorporation.”

It's official -TRON blockchain is now integrated with Samsung Blockchain Keystore! Download the SDK to build #TRON dApps on Samsung devices! More details tomorrow at 12:30pm PST during my @Periscope livestream from #SDC19. — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) October 29, 2019

Statista reports that as of August 2019 that Samsung reportedly has a market value of around $272.4 billion.

Sun had also claimed the partnership would “broadly distribute TRON Dapps and tokens to billions of customers.”

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