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Samsung Partners with Klaytn Blockchain Platform

Samsung is partnering with South Korea’s Klaytn blockchain platform to launch new blockchain-based variants of its Galaxy Note10 5G and Note 10+ 5G flagship phones for the market of South Korea.

It has been reported that the Galaxy Note 10 variants will be exclusively available only in South Korea. The phones will reportedly be named “KlaytnPhone,” after the blockchain platform introduced by the blockchain arm of the internet giant, Kakao.

KlaytnPhone features the same hardware and software specifications as the regular Galaxy Note 10 models. Like Samsung’s other flagship devices, KlaytnPhone will come with built-in crypto wallets and blockchain-based applications. Users will also be rewarded with 2000 tokens of Klay cryptocurrency for buying the device.

Full Features Entitled on the Klaytn Platform

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According to the report, as other Android smartphones are capable of running Klaytn-based apps, only the KlaytnPhone will “boast the blockchain platform’s full breadth of transaction services.” Klaytn-focused features are scheduled to differentiate the Samsung-Klaytn smartphone from other devices competing in the same space.

It has been reported that an exclusive feature of the device is the “Samsung Blockchain Keystore,” which helps users to manage extended blockchain transactions and key storage data directly on the device.

Both the phones are now available on the KlaytnPhone website. The Klaytn Note 10 5G starts at KRW 1,248,500 (~US$1,048), while the Note 10+ 5G will cost KRW 1,397,000 (~US$1,173) for the 256GB storage variant and KRW 1,496,000 (US$1,256) for the 512GB variant.



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