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Samsung to List Axie Infinity to its Blockchain Wallet

Axie Infinity, an Ethereum-based collectibles game with PvP battles, announced yesterday that it has partnered with Samsung to bring Axies to the Samsung Blockchain Wallet, which is available on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

According to the announcement, Axie Infinity will be listed in Samsung’s Dapp section and can be played through a web 3 browser.

Thrilled to announce that we've partnered with THE Samsung! As a first step, they’ve integrated Axie into the Samsung Blockchain Wallet! Retweet this! — Axie Infinity (@AxieInfinity) October 21, 2019

For those who are unfamiliar with Axie Infinity, it is designed to be a natural progression of the first generation of blockchain collectibles games.

Likewise, gamers can now store and battle Axies with the mobile wallet.

Axie Infinity has also expressed gratitude to their fellow companies like Loom Network, Maker DAO, Kyber Network, open sea, Dapp Radar, 0xProject, Matic Network, Decentraland, NonFungibles, Streamers Connected, Tomo Chain, Klaytn,, Enjin, CoinGecko, CoinDreams, and DappReview.

We couldn't have gotten this far without fellow builders that we've worked with/integrated like @loomnetwork, @MakerDAO ,@KyberNetwork, @opensea , @DappRadar , @0xProject , @maticnetwork , @decentraland , @nonfungibles , @StreamersCon ,@TomoChainANN , @klaytn_official ! — Axie Infinity (@AxieInfinity) October 21, 2019

@dapp_com @enjin @coingecko @CoinDreams_io @dapp_review as well! — Axie Infinity (@AxieInfinity) October 21, 2019

However, the Axie team notes that this is just another step towards the launch of the game’s upcoming mobile app, which will bring additional functionality to the Axie Infinity world.

Image Source: Axie Infinity Blog

On October 15, it has also been announced that Axie Infinity will earn rewards for validating transactions on the Loom Basechain. The team notes that they plan to share network rewards with their community while enabling Axie supporters to stake their personal LOOM with the organization to earn extra rewards.

As the partnership with Samsung comes a week after Axie Infinity joined the Loom Network (LOOM), a blockchain ecosystem for games and social apps, as a network validator.

Axie Infinity stated:

“As an application currently running on Basechain, Axie has the opportunity to directly effect the success of Loom Network in many ways. The more LOOM that’s staked with us — the better we can reward our players and grow our user-base. That means more activity on the Loom chain!”

In that short time, Axie Infinity has reportedly brought in more than 10 million of staked LOOM from its community as gamers look to support the up-and-coming project.

Thus, when LOOM is staked with Axie Infinity, investors gain access to both group and personal passive income rewards.


For more information please join Axie Infinity on Discord or follow on Twitter.

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Source: Axie Infinity


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