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Scammer Uses Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT For Stealing NFT Community

Reports said that a scammer using a Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT as a pfp is attempting to steal from members of the NFT community. Over the weekend, several members of the NFT Twitter community have come forward, saying the scammer has approached them via DM.

It has been reported that the Twitter profile belonging to the scammer has a Twitter hexagon pfp of a Mutant Ape, attempting to add legitimacy to their NFT scam.

However, the account is also being followed by some high-profile BAYC holders, which could suggest to others in the NFT space that it is a genuine person. In a tweet this morning, @mazen2k brought the suspicious account into focus.

They tweeted:

“Scammer alert. Scammer @cIaritaaa27 has a verified Twitter hexagon and is followed by prominent@BoredApeYCmembers. Retweet to spread the warning.”

The report said that judging by the comments in response to the thread, this has been going on for some while. The Mutant Ape scammer has spent the last week messaging people offering to sell their Mutant Ape NFT, among other NFTs. The link they provide is a fake one. The scam relies on offering a deal too good to be true and entices people to put their guard down.

Thus, another user, called @RroottHK_nft, has also created a thread today about the Mutant Ape NFT scammer. It is great to see members of the Twitter NFT community raising awareness about scammers. To gain a Twitter hexagon NFT pfp, you must own the NFT in question. The Mutant Ape scammer, @cIaritaaa27, uses this hexagon profile pic to legitimize their NFT sale. People will see the hexagon pfp and automatically be more trusting.

Source: NFT Evening


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