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SeatlabNFT Partners With Elrow Dubai To Become Their Exclusive VIP Ticketing Provider

SeatlabNFT, the nonfungible token (NFT) event ticketing marketplace, has partnered with Elrow Dubai to become their exclusive VIP ticketing provider. This means all VIP tickets will be issued as NFTs, with digital collectibles, airdropped rewards, and on-site gamified interactive blockchain installations also on offer.

It has been reported that Elrow is famous for carnival and circus-themed events where crowd interaction and immersiveness take center stage.

However, SeatlabNFT said Elrow Dubai shares its vision and philosophy, especially when it comes to elevating live events to the next level. And in a particularly enticing development, Elrow Dubai will offer Proof of Attendance NFTs to VIPs via the SeatlabNFT platform.

SeatlabNFT added:

“They're a powerful way of commemorating special events, and allowing their owners to proudly proclaim "I was there." It's also a 21st-century rethinking of memorabilia — forever immortalized on the blockchain.”

Thus, the 8,000-capacity Elrow XXL festival in Dubai takes place in February 2023 with VIP tickets going on sale exclusively via SeatlabNFT from November 2, 2022. This is set to be an immersive, NFT-enabled VIP experience that’s never been seen before at an event of this scale.

Source: Cointelegraph



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