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Singapore Startup to Transform Myanmar City into Blockchain-Powered Smart City

A Singapore startup, BCB Blockchain is planning to turn Myanmar’s Yatai City into a smart city.

BCB Blockchain is a global smart city infrastructure developer. According to a report from e27, the plan was launched by an initiative by the Myanmar Yatai International Group.

Easier to develop a smart city from scratch

Douglas Gan, CEO of BCB Blockchain, stated that “The fastest and most affordable way to turn a city into a smart city is to do it from scratch.”

The notion that a smart city is easier to develop from a well-structured city is contradicted by the CEO when he says that it is more difficult to ask enterprises in a developed city to change their legacy infrastructure.

BCB is currently the exclusive blockchain provider for the US$15 billion smart city project’.

It handles digital wallets, secure payments, insurance, and health records as well as handling the infrastructure for the ledger of assets.

Blockchain Smart City as Tech Testbed

‘Yatai City will also be used as a sandbox to test bleeding-edge solutions in a bid to jump from 3G to 5G (or possibly 6G) for all industries using blockchain as the data layer for security.’

Douglas Gan added:

“BCB is dedicated to the establishment of a secure and trustworthy infrastructure for smart cities. In order to achieve the goal of a more livable, workable, trust-free and sustainable city of the future, we are committed to the development of the ecosystem, providing a one-stop shop for turning smart city concepts into smart city solutions and establishing an open platform to share BCB Blockchain technology with everyone across the globe.”

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