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Singaporean Tech Firm HReasily Rises with HR Solutions

HReasily, a Singaporean tech firm, has become one of the country’s notable success stories in recent years.

It has been reported by Forbes, that Pascal Henry, the CEO of HReasily, outlined how the business has seen rapid growth by addressing straightforward human resources issues with the software.

HReasily was founded in 2015 by a group including Pascal Henry, the current CEO, but has on-boarded over 30,000 companies and sees an average adoption rate of 100 new companies daily. 

However, with clients throughout Southeast Asia such as MalaysiaIndonesiathe PhilippinesThailand, CambodiaVietnam, and it’s home of Singapore, the firm is one of the most rapid growers in a country already noted as a hub for tech startups.

Pascal Henry

Likewise, Henry has attributed HReasily’s sudden rise to the simple, but an omnipresent issue that it tackles human resource management. The enterprise provides software to help companies increase productivity by streamlining day-to-day HR tasks, from payroll to leave management.

Company’s Success Attracting Further Investment

The core of HReasily’s business is a subscription-based revenue model that handles HR functions such as payroll. Premium versions of its solutions are available as either monthly or annual subscriptions, with add-ons available for more specific tasks such as attendance tracking. Forthcoming solutions include systems for handling group insurance and loans.

Thus, the company has gained traction, both among the SMEs it has targeted as clients and investors. It recently completed a pre-Series A funding round that secured US$5 million from Envy Capital and has been valued at over US$100 million.

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