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Sintra Raises $2M In Seed Funding Round To Build Future Of NFT Social Investing

Sintra, the nonfungible token (NFT) social investment app, has recently raised $2 million in a seed funding round to build the future of NFT social investing.

It has been reported that Lemniscap led the round with FTX Ventures, Chorus One Ventures, CMCC Global, and more participating. What’s more, Sintra has also launched the first version of its socially-powered NFT investment app.

However, a socially-powered NFT investment app, Sintra brings together like-minded investors to strategize, together. Soon, the platform will make NFT investments easier and more affordable through fractional ownership as well. This is in line with Sintra’s larger goal of making crypto and NFTs accessible to a larger audience.

The report said that Sintra is helmed by stellar C-suite executives, including CEO and Co-founder, Angel Ceballos, Co-founder and CTO, Jeffrey Bian, and COO Alan Jackson. Moreover, the team boasts a wealth of experience. While Ceballos is a former Product Design Lead at Meta, Bian is a former Software Architect at Rally.

Ceballos said:

“We want to create a streamlined and user-centric social community geared towards the next wave of NFT investors entering the space. As the metaverse era continues to evolve at pace, we want to help investors across the spectrum stake their claim in the NFT market, and do so alongside like-minded industry participants.”

Likewise, currently, the Sintra NFT investment app is in a public beta. While the team is actively building the app, it supports features such as analytics, community, and messaging. In other words, it has all the essential features to connect like-minded NFT communities. Users will get the chance to own fractions of some of the most in-demand NFTs. Plus, they will also receive custom investment opportunities relevant to their interests.

At the same time, they can react to posts with bullish/bearish-themed emojis or ask questions to fellow investors. They will also be able to view the NFTs in the Sintra NFT Exchange. Users can keep up-to-date with the latest market updates with Sintra’s analytics feature. This includes everything from floor price changes to NFT sales, Twitter mentions of NFT collections, and more.

Thus, Sintra beta supports over 450+ Ethereum NFT collections with Solana NFTs soon following suit. It will also support OpenSea for the initial release and add more marketplaces in the near future.

Source: NFT Evening



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