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Snoop Dogg Announces Revolutionary LIVE Broadcast Platform Shiller With Web3

Snoop Dogg, the rap legend, has announced Shiller, a revolutionary LIVE broadcast platform with web3 creators in mind.

It has been reported that Snoop Dogg and Sam Jones teamed up to provide a one-stop-shop for monetizing and connecting with audiences through web3 technology and LIVE, interactive video and audio streaming. Shiller offers a unique way for creators to reach their fans and monetize their content.

However, the new platform by Snoop Dogg aims to bring the Web3 community together. After three years in the making, Snoop Dogg and Sam Jones are thrilled to launch this app to the world. They believe Shiller provides a unique platform for creators to connect with fans and monetize their own content.

The report said that Snoop Dogg has always been passionate about engaging fans on his own terms, and Shiller makes that possible. The app offers a one-stop-shop for creators to connect with their audiences using the best of web3 technology. Additionally,

Likewise, nonfungible token (NFT) projects, artists, brands, and key opinion leaders will all have the opportunity to monetize their following and connect with their fans. Snoop Dogg’s new platform is perfect for educating and connecting with like-minded individuals in the Web3 space.

Shiller provides a space for sharing your passions and collaborating with others to explore new ideas. Creators can use interactive, real-time video and audio broadcasts to do this. Therefore, the app allows creators to engage their followers and showcase art to the world. With the ability to build a secure community using NFT ownership, Shiller is the perfect platform for artists, creators, project owners, and enthusiasts alike. Ultimately, Shiller is a platform for like-minded individuals to come together and connect.

Social commerce applications, such as Instagram and TikTok, have boomed over the last few years. So what makes Shiller unique? Basically, Shiller integrates web3 technology and allows creators to easily broadcast their content. A key feature is the ability to seamlessly feature products.

Users can then make purchases without ever leaving the app. Excitingly, creators are also able to create their own tokens and digital passes! Furthermore, creators can market these tokens and digital passes in live audio or video shows and feature them on the Shiller marketplace.

Shiller, the innovative platform co-founded by Snoop Dogg, provides a suite of features that enable creators to take their content monetization to the next level. With Shiller, creators can token-gate their video and audio content, share products from e-commerce sites, and receive tips and virtual gifts from their audience. They can also engage with their audience through emojis, chat, split screens, voting, and games. Shiller is powered by web3 technology and is ready to revolutionize the content creation industry.

Thus, the team have already assembled a group of creators for the launch.

Source: NFT Evening




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