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Sony’s Motion Trackers To Allow Users To Enter The Metaverse Via Smartphones

Reports said that Sony has announced its latest offering - a set of wearable motion trackers that can be connected to one’s smartphone to navigate their way through the metaverse.

It has been reported that these trackers will help you move your avatar as you make your way through a new, digital landscape. The product is known as Sony Mocopi, and it includes six sets of trackers that are worn around the ankles, wrists, hips and hands. These puck-shaped wearables detect motion as and when you move, thereby making your Avator move too.

However, Sony’s new wearables are handy devices that let users enjoy all that the metaverse has to offer, without needing expensive equipment. Though the Metaverse itself is in its nascent stages, Sony has decided to make strides in expanding the market for the same, making it accessible to not only the rich, but also average consumers who want to know what the fuss is all about.

The report said that all one needs to use the Mocopi System is a smartphone that is compatible with the same. Sony states that the Mocopi System works on both Android and iOS, at this point, it has not elaborated further on the minimum OS requirements to run the same.

However, users believed that they would need Virtual Reality headsets to enter the metaverse, and while Sony’s Mocopi System may not offer as immersive an experience, it’s still a great start in a step towards affordable tech.

Thus, Meta has already sold around 14 Million VR headsets and is investing in developing AR and VR technology further. Meta believes that VR headsets will replace the need for smartphones in the future, and the idea does sound rather intriguing.

Source: Digit News


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Irene Perez
Irene Perez
Dec 02, 2022

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