Sony To Implement Blockchain Technology For A Next-Gen Mobility Service

Sony Corporation or Sony announced the development of a common database platform (Blockchain Common Database or “BCDB”) utilizing blockchain technology for MaaS (Mobility as a Service), a next-generation mobility service integrating multiple transportation systems.

On April 23. Sony announced in a press release that it is the only successful project chosen from an initiative by the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management last year, which appealed to developers to propose blockchain solutions for MaaS development.

BCDB features high-speed data processing to enable more than 7 million users per day to record and share anonymized travel history and revenue allocation.

The Sony Group is expanding the application of blockchain technology in diverse areas such as:

  1. The development of authentication

  2. Sharing and authority management systems for education data in the education field

  3. The development of a digital content rights information processing system in the field of entertainment

It is currently in the development of virtual currency hardware wallet technology to provide the convenience and security of private key management for all blockchain-related services.

Sony says it will continue to explore potential applications for blockchain in various fields with the aim popularizing blockchain technology.

Official Source: SONY | Image: Unsplash

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