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ad cnp.png Shipped Mobile-Optimized Interface For Music Creators, the innovative web3 music platform that empowers musicians, has shipped a mobile-optimized interface – further enhancing its user experience for music creators. The new integrations include a seamless navigation system and more.

It has been reported that, founded in 2021, aims to help artists create Web3 communities and generate revenue through nonfungible tokens (NFTs). The platform has already facilitated nearly $5 million in earnings for musicians. These artists use this revenue to sell early access to their new music as NFTs, interact with fans, and collaborate on future projects.

However, with a new navigation system and audio player specifically designed for those on the go, makes it easier for users to access the platform. Moreover, the new updates make it easier for musicians to monetize their work as well.

The report said that with the latest updates, users can enjoy a seamless browsing experience and create custom playlists. The expanded audio player also enables users to view the currently playing track, making it easier to discover new music. For emerging artists, is a vital tool in building a fanbase and earning fair compensation for their work.

Likewise, unlike traditional platforms where artists earn mere pennies per stream, provides a more equitable and sustainable revenue model.

David Greenstein, the CEO of, is committed to helping artists get their music heard and monetized in innovative ways. The success of the platform far indicates that it is well on its way to revolutionizing the music industry.

Thus, as of the moment, the Sound.XYZ mobile app is only available on Apple devices, with no news of when an Android app is dropping.

Source: NFT Evening




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