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South Korea to Develop Blockchain-Based Digital Driver’s License

South Korea launches a plan in developing a blockchain-based digital driver’s license in collaboration with the country’s three leading mobile carriers.

The initiative has been approved by South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT and law enforcement.

The app is reportedly said to be available by the “early 2020s”.

Digital License in Blockchain-Based Servers

The app will work by scanning the driver’s licenses before uploading it to a blockchain-powered platform on police platforms.

Once the license has been scanned a QR code gets generated. Police will be able to view the driver’s licenses by scanning the QR code.

The app, known as ‘Pass’ is going to be operated by three major mobile network operators including:-

Reducing Crimes and ID Theft

According to the ministry, the blockchain-based platform is expected to help “reduce costs and prevent crimes by the loss and theft of ID cards,”

A government source added that the digital driver’s licenses will also be accepted as proof of age.

In 2018 state government of Australia’s New South Wales piloted a similar project while announcing that it is going to expand in other official documentation arenas such as school diplomas and birth and death certificates.

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