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South Korea To Establish Blockchain-Based Platform For Verifying Digital Self-Driving Vehicles

Sejong, the smart city of South Korea, will be establishing a blockchain-based platform for storing and verifying the digital identities of self-driving vehicles.

On May 8, it has been reported by Aju Business Daily, an Asian news outlet, that South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT along with the country’s Internet technology watchdog, Korea Internet & Security Agency, will be leading the development of the identity management and verification platform.

However, according to a Sejong city official, the blockchain-based technology platform will “greatly increase the credibility of data by strengthening the security of information shared by cars and their control tower.”

As autonomous vehicles are still far from mainstream, Sejong has already begun to prepare to fight crimes related to these advancements.

It has been analyzed that the technology wing of LG Group, LG CNS, and a Korean autonomous shuttle maker, will be working in collaboration with Sejong city government to develop a blockchain-based encrypted identifier dubbed decentralized identifier, as this could help prevent the illegal cloning of identities or hacking of self-driving vehicles.

Likewise, the report explains that the identity verification system will utilize multiple layers of encryption to the data shared between cars and on-road facilities using “vehicle-to-everything” (V2X) communication.

As per the report, the South Korean government has shown immense interest in blockchain technology and its implementation across major industries. Thus, in April, the government said that blockchain was a “golden opportunity” and called for private sector companies to utilize its potential for technological innovation.

In recent years, there have been many major advancements in autonomous vehicle technologies, such as video-based safety and compliance systems, AI-powered predictive maintenance, and real-time GPS-enabled parking. Companies can monitor driver behaviour or safety tracking and can even use data to coach drivers on their performance in near real-time. The fully autonomous future is still a number of years away. However, governments and businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to plan ahead by investing in the connected vehicle ecosystem.

Source: Aju Business Daily | Cointelegraph | Image: Pixabay


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