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Superchief Launches Its First NFT Gallery In New York

The NFT rage does not seem to slow down. As NFTs are on the verge to get introduced to the mainstream town of artist collective. The first ever art gallery dedicated solely to NFT has opened in New York City. The contemporary art gallery, Superchief in New York and Los Angeles will be launching an NFT dedicated art gallery in the Union Square neighborhood. Superchief has collaborated with Blackdove, which indulges in producing high-resolution digital art display screens for displaying NFTs.

The first exhibition, titled “Season One Starter Pack” introduces a wide range of artists, will feature over 300 artists. Every artist will auction NFTs, as well as 72-print drop. The gallery will be accepting cryptocurrency, and credit card payments as well.

Claiming to be the first-ever NFT art gallery, there are still many such galleries that have joined the series of being the first entrants to the NFT art exhibition, hence doubtful as well because Cryptopunks were displayed in galleries in 2017, and pioneers like Kevin Abosch have been displaying blockchain-based art well before NFTs were even a concept.

SUPERCHIEF GALLERY NFT OPENING WEEKEND SCHEDULE #nftart #nftartists #nftgallery #nft #superchiefnft — SuperchiefGalleryNFT (@SuperchiefNFT) March 26, 2021

Russia’s Hermitage museum will hold an NFT exhibition, which is set to include works from artists like Abosch. A museum in Beijing claimed to be the first “major” NFT exhibition. Also the artist Kenny Schacter is planning a dual physical-and-virtual show at German gallery Nagel Draxler on April 9, possibly a world’s first, which will run simultaneously in the Metaverse at the Museum of Crypto Art and the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art.

We're proud to have released the debut NFT artwork by world renowned street artist and activist @swoon !#nft #nfts #nftart #nftartists #nftgallery — SuperchiefGalleryNFT (@SuperchiefNFT) March 26, 2021

NFTs have been hitting the headlines over the past few months, which is a subsequent effect of the institutions in the mainstream world to join the NFT display. Though it was considered technical earlier, now NFT seem to be ubiquitous, even in prime time news. Even the major media houses are strongly into covering NFTs, partly due to the exploding amount of money flowing into the space.

Source: Cointelegraph

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