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SuperRare Presents Its Second NFT Airdrop For RarePass Holders

SuperRare, the exclusive art marketplace, presents its second airdrop for RarePass: Genesis Pass holders: Talking Heads by Coldie. This is the second of 12 airdrop collections for pass holders.

It has been reported that after the successful launch of SuperRare’s first airdrop collection, Decoherence by Pindar Van Arman, the marketplace is back with another exclusive drop. Talking Heads by Coldie dives into the polarizing nature of mainstream media and the effects it has. Coldie describes Talking Heads as a reaction to the constant consumption of information being forced onto the world.

Coldie said:

“I’m proud to say that I no longer watch MSM television. I was polluted by it for decades – the ‘talking heads’ who read from a teleprompter are the pedals of deception. Why only bad news? What’s the angle? What’s the agenda?”

John Crain, the CEO of SuperRare, considers Talking Heads to be an “extremely important and thought-provoking” NFT collection. Given how heavily news media and social media has influenced the population in recent years, it comes at a perfect time. Crain further stated that Coldie did an exceptional job at bringing his thoughts to life in a visual and engaging fashion.

Thus, Coldie is an award-winning mixed-media artist and one of the most sought-after crypto artists. He has participated in international art exhibitions, crypto conferences, and live auctions showcasing his stereoscopic 3D art. This also includes auctions on SuperRare in collaboration with Snoop Dogg and Bonhams.

Source: NFT Evening




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