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Taunt Battleworld To Launch Its Next NFT Collection On Magic Eden

Taunt Battleworld, a digital collectible competitive fighting game for the metaverse, will launch its next nonfungible token (NFT) collection, the Black Magic Collection, on January 14 (tomorrow) exclusively on Magic Eden.

It has been reported that these NFTs are ideal for gamers and enthusiasts interested in the fighting game genre featuring player-owned assets and various live tournaments. In addition, all fighters will also come with a decentralized artificial intelligence Brain from Altered State Machine.

However, the ASM Brains are AI NFTs, which will power future utility in the game such as training, personality, and breeding. Besides gamers and enthusiasts, the Black Magic Collection also targets native crypto fans looking to actively support nascent, advanced, and innovative projects.

The report said that described as the “ultimate digital collectible fighting game for the metaverse,” Taunt Battleworld is also a fascinating platform that allows players to participate in esports and free-to-play tournaments while enjoying, in its entirety, the unique advantages of player-owned, in-game assets. Gamers can play as their favorite web 3.0 characters, combat sports legends, or lethal Acolyte Warriors.

Likewise, Taunt Battleworld players train, strategize, ft, watch, predict, and play as their favorite characters in the game. The Black Magic Collection was selected as one of the first 7 gaming launch projects for the Polygon launch of Magic Eden—the leading cross-chain NFT platform—on January 14, 2023. The NFT collection comprises 1500 unique digital collectibles, all playable characters in the Taunt Battleworld gaming universe.

Designed to bring the thrills and excitement of UFC to the metaverse, the Black Magic NFT warriors consist of renowned combat sports athletes such as Andy Ruiz Jr, Cris Cyborg, and undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. Other warriors include warriors from NFT communities like Super Yeti, Mad Rabbits Riot Club, and Decentral Games Ice Poker.

Thus, Taunt Battleworld plans to launch a native in-game utility token, $TAUNT. This token will power the ecosystem’s gaming experience within the confines of blockchain gaming and web 3.0. $TAUNT will launch in Q1 of 2023, allowing players to fully experience the Taunt Battleworld ecosystem.



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