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TechNode’s ‘Tech After Hours’ to Discuss Libra

TechNode has declared more insightful talks as part of its ‘Tech After Hours’ series on the future of digital currency. The declaration has following up on the success of the latest discussions held on August 22, 2019, on the future of electric vehicles in China.

Facebook’s Libra Brings Global Scrutiny

In June 2019, Facebook presented its white paper to tap into the crypto space with its Libra project. Since then, the social network giant’s digital currency project has come under the scrutiny of regulators and politicians worldwide. Governments have started studying the potential impact that Libra may have on global finance and their own monetary policies.

On the basis of the Libra announcement, some countries have reportedly been developing their own sovereign cryptocurrency, including China and the Pacific island nation of the Marshall Islands.

As it has been reported that China is developing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) to be categorized to its renminbi over the past few years and the currency is “almost ready” for launch, China has not officially disclosed any actual plans so far.

‘Tech After Hours’ Series in Shanghai on September 25

TechNode’s ‘Tech After Hours’ event will take place on September 25, at the Bund 1, Yan’an East Road, Shanghai, China. The event features three famous speakers — Richard Wang, CEO of QunZhong E-Commerce; Hang Yin, Co-founder, and developer of and Bitcoin Gold; and Alex Sirakov, Financial Industry Veteran.

However, the conference will cover the indications of digital fiat currencies and cryptocurrency projects like Facebook’s Libra.  


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