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Telegram’s Grams Wallet Is Available on GitHub in Test Mode

Telegram’s Grams Wallet is now available for MacOS, Windows, and Ubuntu in testing mode, with the source code published on GitHub.

Test Tokens

Users can download the test wallet client from its website while creating an address and receive the private keys. They can also request and test Gram tokens in the app via a special Telegram bot called TestTonBot.

TestTonBot invites the users to test out the service by requesting 5 to 20 tokens to the generated crypto address on the app. After requesting a specific amount of tokens, the bot notifies them about the start of the request execution before sending a separate message that test Grams were credited to the wallet.

Test Transaction Visibility

The test transactions will be visible on the Telegram Open Network (TON) testnet explorer with transaction time and amount as well as the TestTonBot’s wallet address and the last recorded transaction.

On Sept. 6, 2019 the TON testnet explorer and node software was released prior to Gram’s digital currency supposed plan to launch in late October. The launch got delayed when the United States Securities and Exchange Commission made Telegram’s $1.7 billion Grams token offering illegal on Oct. 11.

The launch of the test version of the Grams Wallet follows a report on Oct. 19 that the District Court for the Southern District of New York postponed a hearing on the SEC injunction filing against the TON. The court moved the hearing to Feb. 18–19, 2020.


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