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Terra Virtua Intends To Launch ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ NFT In Collaboration With Warner Bros

NFT has created its mark on the big screens as well. The collectibles and Virtual Reality platform, Terra Virtua plans to launch a streak of Godzilla vs. Kong NFT collectibles in collaboration with Warner Bros. The release of the NFTs will supposedly coincide with the release of the movie, making it the first to experience a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Let the clash of the century commence! #GodzillaVsKong is NOW PLAYING in theaters and streaming exclusively on @HBOMax*. Get tickets: *Available on @HBOMax in the US only, for 31 days, at no extra cost to subscribers. — Godzilla vs. Kong (@GodzillaVsKong) March 31, 2021

For now, Terra Virtua is providing the NFT buyers retro-themed Godzilla and Kong Island posters for $75. The website will be coming up with detailed pieces later. The Terra Virtua homepage has activated a themed waitlist, where it is granting its users a 10-minute window to make purchases.

The first ever 3D officially licensed #GodzillaVsKong #NFT is now LIVE on the premiere night of the movie! Show it off in your Terradome or in #AR! The future of fandom is here! Grab yours now at – just $75 or 0.04 ETH!#NFTs #nftcollector #NFTdrop $TVK — Terra Virtua $TVK | Collecting. Reinvented. (@terra_virtua) March 31, 2021

Jen Naiff, Head of Marketing & Digital Growth, Terra Virtua said:

Our CEO, Gary Bracey, is a BAFTA-nominated games industry veteran with 25+ years of experience and is credited with bringing movie IP computer games to the mainstream. Doug Dyer, while at Warner Bros, fle to Scotland to demo and get approval from J.K. Rowling on the Harry Potter videogame he developed.

Jen further adds:

As an industry, we need to make sure we’re telling the right story about NFTs to the world outside of crypto land so that ownership of a digital collectible becomes as natural as asking Google, Alexa or Siri to play your favourite tune now is.

We are live!! #GodzillaVsKong #mechagodzilla #NFT #NFTcollectibles #AR $TVK — Terra Virtua $TVK | Collecting. Reinvented. (@terra_virtua) March 31, 2021

Terra Virtua is also planning towards an art gallery VR feature. Making connections to these brands is paramount for both the platform and the space as well.

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