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Tezos Foundation Launches XTZ Faucet Giveaway

Tezos Foundation has launched a XTZ faucet that aims to giveaway free virtual currency who has listed his wallet address. The Tezos Foundation’s Faucet sends up to 0.01 XTZ per claim to the user’s wallet whereby the claims for the same can be made every 12 hours, meaning that the users can claim two times in a day. Currently, 0.01 XTZ is worth about $0.015, as one XTZ is about $1.5 as of the publication time.

Purpose Is To Let Developers Use XTZ Tokens On The Mainnet

Nearly 10 Tezos addresses could receive funds from the faucet at one time. The purpose behind this to let the developers use XTZ tokens on the mainnet.

While faucets aimed at giving away free tokens to the developers are nothing new, but these usually give away testnet tokens, which are not real mainnet tokens with an actual market value. Nevertheless, the Tezos Foundation points out that the XTZ faucet was first created to test purposes and that no one ‘need to be dependent on this faucet’s continued availability.’ Tezos might itself ‘change or turn off the faucet’s parameters,’ in the future.

In other digital currency faucets, no user gets free XTZ being distributed, yet it’s an incredible method to test the digital money as well as its utilization cases. As Tezos has a proof-of-stake accord calculation, anyone with a couple of tokens can gain income this way. However, most of the platforms have a base holding requirement to let users stake their tokens, a prerequisite that at 0.01 XTZ per 12 hours might be difficult to meet.




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