Thailand’s First Regulated ICO Portal Targets $98M Token Offering

SE Digital has been confirmed as the first initial coin offerings (ICO) portal operator to be approved by Thailand’s securities regulator.

SE Digital to Launch Thailand’s First Investment Token

On Oct. 1 The Bangkok Post reported that SE Digital plans to launch Thailand’s first investment token, with a target transaction size of 2-3 billion baht or roughly $65,800,000-$98,700,000.

SE Digital will provide ICO services like including strategic advisory, primary issuance as well as support for secondary market access, from compliance to investor communications.

‘The portal will vet prospective token issuers before they seek approval from the SEC and assist them in meeting requirements such as Know-Your-Customer, CDD, Anti-Money-Laundering and investor suitability. It will also conduct due diligence on the proposed tokens before allowing them to reach investors.’

A New Chapter for Thailand Capital Market History

Stephen Ng, Chief Marketing Officer of SE Digital, SEC’s approval was poised to open a new chapter in Thailand’s capital market history and pave the way to its digital economic transformation, as it becomes one of the first ASEAN nations to offer fully-compliant ICOs.

He continued to outline that:

“SE Digital will be able to promote the tokenisation of traditional assets providing investors with access to previously illiquid and difficult to access assets such as commercial real estate and investment products with global exposure, while offering issuers with a new fundraising alternative that allows access to a wider pool of capital providers with cost savings accrued from the digitisation on the blockchain.”


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