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The Doge Project To Reunite “Good Bois” Of Crypto And NFT Markets

Reports said that the Doge Project wants to reunite the “good bois” of the crypto and nonfungible token (NFT) markets. Since their motto is “Do Only Good Every Day,” this team’s debut Decentralized Lottery allows NFT holders to win weekly prizes, donate to charity, and more.

It has been reported that their limited-edition NFT tickets drop on April 29. The Doge Project is a community-led NFT project aiming to honor its holders and give back to the world. In fact, the term “Doge” stands for “Do Only Good Everyday” – the core goal of the founding team.

However, the project’s storyline begins when the Doge Kingdom sees the perils going on on earth. The crypto kingdoms are taking advantage of the people of Earth, and the mighty Winter Bear is terrorizing them. This exciting concept will be built into the project’s future decentralized gaming. Further, it will be available via VR and in the metaverse once the Doge Project’s future Decentralized Arcade is fully developed.

The report said that this new Web3 innovation will bring value to investors, engage users, and offer weekly chances at winning the jackpot. The project team wants to bring more value to its community. It will begin by releasing a FREE MINT to early adopters. This collection of 1,669 unique PFP NFTs called “Decentra.”

Thus, the project features a time traveling character from the Doge Project’s lore, who is sent from the future to ensure the Doge Project is successful in its mission. The journey continues with the project team’s first paid collection called “Doge is the New Gold.” This consists of 6,969 NFT tokens. Each digital asset represents the number of users able to join the lottery.

Source: NFT Evening




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