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The Netherlands Tops The List Of Most Metaverse Ready Countries

Reports said that the Netherlands has topped the list of the Most Metaverse Ready Countries. The study by Uswitch took many factors into consideration, including broadband speeds and the number of blockchain start-ups in a given nation.

It has been reported that the Top 10 also includes countries such as Malta and the United Kingdom, which are well known for their Web3 ecosystems. The Netherlands took the top spot for Metaverse Readiness with a score of 7.74 out of 10. The score makes sense given the country’s high median broadband speeds and healthy high-tech exports.

However, Switzerland in second and Malta in fourth were the only countries in the Top 10 to have 30,000+ Google Searches per million people. The United States did not make the Top 10 list, but they were close behind as the 12th most Metaverse Ready Country.

The report said that the US has the highest average download speeds, yet it ranks low for high-tech exports. The United States also shows interest, but not with the same vigor. Google Searches hover around 21,000+ per million.

Thus, the list paints a picture of the growing interest in the metaverse. People are searching for it en masse and the infrastructure is present in many places. Only time will tell how these positions shift. Still, what is certain is that the public is getting ready for the metaverse.

Source: NFT Evening



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