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ToastPunk NFTs Holders Can Now Enjoy “Plugging-In” Their NFT In Their Own Binance Account

Reports said that Crypto Toast, an automated $ETH buying and selling DApp, hit the market in January 2023 and captured Binance’s attention.

It has been reported that after close to a year of testing and development, ToastPunk nonfungible tokens (NFTs) holders can now enjoy “plugging-in” their NFT coupled with $BUSD in their own Binance account.

However, users can accrue 0.8-1.2% daily returns from automatic crypto trades made by the proprietary Crypto Toast algorithm. Crypto Toast is a focused automated crypto trader and compounder. It uses an algorithm developed by the team behind the ToastPunk project.

The report said that the trader analyses and predicts the price movements of $ETH in a day, aiming to to buy $ETH at a lower price and sell it back to $BUSD at a higher price. Crypto Toast doesn’t trade any other crypto currency and it doesn’t ‘short’ or use margin trading. It avoids these methods more risk-tolerant traders use. Plus, it can be setup in under 15 minutes.

Likewise, users won’t need to do anything else and the trader works 24/7 even while the user sleeps or works. It automatically makes around 20 trades a month, and for the entire month of January it made 22 trades with a total net profit of 36.7%. Right now, holders of ToastPunk NFTs from either the OG or Genesis collection can use Crypto Toast.

Both desktop and mobile DApp versions are live. The team created an easy-to-follow tutorial to setup and account in less than 15 minutes. Right now only 3% of the total 10,990 NFTs from both ToastPunk collections listed for sale. Consequently, new users need to hurry to get a hold on those listed before the rest of the holders decide to enlist the surplus they own for higher prices. Right now, the floor prices for ToastPunk OG NFTs and ToastPunk Genesis NFT are 0.115 $ETH and 0.01 $ETH.

This is incredible value especially with what these NFTs can give you now with Crypto Toast and its respective other utilities which includes DAO access and early access to a huge upcoming GameFi racing Metaverse called Racer Club.

Thus, ToastPunk has become well known as a family-first Web 3 brand and is recognized with its real-life breakfast turn digital toast art collections and bread emoji gang on Twitter. The founder, Matthew Ng, took on the persona of ToastPunk.eth as his own account, and often participates in high profile Twitter circles and spaces.

Source: NFT Evening




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