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Tokenizer To Be Launched To Turn Real-World Assets Into Security Tokens

Tokenizer is a new self-service platform, to be launched on July 29, to turn real-world assets into security tokens within the hands of the everyman.

It has been reported that this will allow businesses and individuals to tokenize their assets with zero technical or coding skills, which can then be used for raising funds and traded on the Tokenizer exchange.

However, the tokenization of real-world assets has long been lauded as one of the killer applications of blockchain technology. Before now, this has usually required either a dedicated coding team or the services of a third-party to issue the tokens.

The report said that the Tokenizer platform gives access to tools enabling anyone to issue tokens representing their real-world assets.

Tokenize your company stocks, your car, or even your mum, with zero coding knowledge using tokenizer — Cointelegraph (@Cointelegraph) July 27, 2020

The type of assets which can be tokenized is limitless, and cover physical assets such as real estate, artworks, and luxury items, traditional asset classes like stocks, bonds, and hedge funds, and less tangible things including intellectual property and identity.

Likewise, the goal of this is not to speculate on cryptocurrencies but to realize the value of existing assets, and simplify fundraising.

As per the report, Tokenizer opens up assets to a wider pool of global investors and provides an integrated exchange on which the tokens can be traded.

Manindra Majumdar, the CEO of Tokenizer, believes that it is the first end-to-end decentralized finance (DeFi) platform in the crypto space.

He said:

“The Tokenizer self-service issuance platform ensures that anybody can create their own security token without mastering a smart contract language. Instead of introducing cumbersome and complex multiple tools, we have kept the whole experience within our platform.”

Thus, Tokenization has the potential to make the financial industry more accessible and efficient, while unlocking trillions of dollars in currently illiquid assets.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: VentureBeat



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