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Toys R Us Releases NFT Collection On Solana Powered By Anybodies

Reports said that Toys R Us, the iconic toy retailer, is releasing a nonfungible token (NFT) collection on the Solana Blockchain, powered by Anybodies.

It has been reported that on December 9, 2022, the 10,000-piece collection based on the brand mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe, will come to life on Magic Eden. The collaboration will also take you on a phygital journey mechanized by the blockchain.

However, the toy store comprised of intriguing components that will surely get you excited. The Toys R Us NFT collection will have its public sale on December 9, with each NFT priced at $100 USD. For the public sale, 2,000 NFTs will be reserved for whitelist members and an additional 2,000 left for the public.

The report said that three parts of the pre-sale process have already begun. This includes a private presale, an early bird sale consisting of 500 NFTs, and a sale for Anybodies NFT holders consisting of 1000 NFTs. Both the early bird and Anybodies sales have completely sold out.

Likewise Toys R Us recently gave whitelist spots to the first 500 people who joined their Discord server. Fear not, there are still Geoffrey List spots available; simply head into the discord. The world’s cherished toy brand is expanding its reach by immersing itself in many different avenues.

By holding a Toys R Us NFT, holders will unlock exclusive experiences that include access to new Toys R Us flagship stores, shopping events and more unique experiences. The toy company intends to open digital flagship stores “built around your favourite games.” Toys R Us meets the metaverse.

A new type of marketplace is in the works. This marketplace will allow users to buy, sell and trade their physical and digital toys. As another benefit, early access to popular toys will be available. A campaign will be ignited by Toys R Us that collaborates with other NFT projects to make their collection come to life. In detail, limited-edition physical collectible toys will be produced based on the project’s collection.

Thus, in collaboration with Anybodies, Toys R Us will create “next-gen toy ownership” by using NFT, NPC and AR technology to transport toys into games, social media and more.

Source: NFT Evening



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