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Ucam-The Little BB-8 That Empowers You To Own Your Privacy!

Your Home. Your Moments. Your Privacy.

When it comes to digital space, privacy is the prime concern for a number of users. Somehow, the very space seems plagued from constant data breaching to manipulating the trust of the people, misleading them through digital platforms, gradually proceeding towards losing the trust of the people from IoT.

The emergence of IoTeX in 2017 innovated solutions to fix the disruption with the introduction of smart devices backed with blockchain. Silicon Valley startup, IoTeX’s cofounder Jing Sun aspired to incorporate blockchain and trusted hardware that catered to privacy and building smart devices’ ecosystem for the ‘Internet of Trusted Things.’

Jing Sun, Co-founder of IoTeX, said,

The risk of people’s sensitive data being manipulated or misused is heightened by the popularity of internet-connected household devices. Source: VentureBeat

With the sole objective of catering to privacy and user specific smart devices, IoTeX proceeded towards the completion of its initiatives in 2020. It went on to strengthen itself with its transition from a hybrid network to the launch of Mainnet GA v1.0, thus making it an autonomous, self-sustaining, decentralised and a community-owned network. At a later point of time, IoT’s apex point will be inclined more on to the constraint of resources in data generation for the efficient enforcement of security and data privacy policies.


A private home security camera that is catered to your service by ensuring your privacy. Developed by Tenvis- a hardware manufacturer of security cameras since 2005, Ucam is backed by IoTeX, a blockchain platform focused on enabling private smart devices.

Ucam is all about privacy. The videos generated are exclusively owned by you. Larry Pang, Head of Business Development of IoTeX, gives a qualitative high-end overview of Ucam, the recipient of the CES Innovation Award for Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy, or you can also check out the quick start guide to get started with the introduction of the camera.


A magnificent design resembling a little BB-8 friendly machine,

  1. It has got a nice matte black finish to it.

  2. It has an Ethernet slot at the back along with WiFi options.

  3. It possesses a micro-USB slot for power.

  4. It has an antenna for WiFi.

  5. It also has slots at the bottom for mounting. You can mount it anywhere at home.

Ucam comes with 2 Recovery sheets, a paper format to store the private keys playing as a back up since the storage mechanism is blockchain based, an end-to-end encryption with public and private keys which makes it unique.

Ucam, a global product play as a reminder of it being

  1. powered by IoTeX and

  2. innovative as you can Own Your Privacy.

You can connect your Ucam with your mobile phone only. Ucam only allows to connect one mobile device having a specific private key, rather than multiple mobile devices with the same key. Only one mobile device can decrypt the content in the Ucam. It also comes with the function of de-registration, where you can register again in case you lose your private key.

The Co-founder and CEO of IoTeX, Raullen Chai said

Ucam uses an uncrackable 256-bit private key stored locally on your mobile device — a huge advantage over the typical password systems. It is a constant challenge to protect our security and privacy. But Ucam demonstrates that there is affordable technology available today that is both user-centric and ‘private by design’ to eliminate many of the shortfalls that have led to the breaches, hacks, and thefts that consumers keep suffering. Source: VentureBeat

<img src="" alt="" class="wp-image-192 lazyload" width="690" height="460" />

Source: IoTeX


Ucam’s looks match its functionality, as it consists of:

  1. Two-way audio: The device has the perforations in the form of U, which functions as a microphone-speaker interface, where you can have a conversation with anyone at your home, office in the proximity of your mobile phone.

  2. The head can be rotated to a 360° angle.

  3. Live stream video: You can stream the videos at 1080p video with full pan-tilt-zoom.

  4. Motion detection: Ucam comes with a high sensitivity motion detection sensory feature where you can choose your recording preferences. You can even set a schedule for detection alerts, be it for all days or any specific day. We can set detection sensitivity to any level of angle, whether it’s low or high It can capture all the little changes that go on in a particular room. We can even set a detection zone, by toggling parts of the frame. We can even receive notifications for new motion detection clips.


An owner of a Ucam has full authorization to authorize others to share one’s content. You can also add a new friend to have full access to your Ucam by generating a unique QR code.

You can also have multiple Ucams directed at all different places in your house and can monitor from anywhere, you can thoroughly enjoy watching all of them in your mobile device’s home dashboard by switching frames anytime. You can have the liberty to name your camera, choose your wifi, save the content directly to your encrypted cloud storage, or a local SD card. Ucam portrays a caveat for the hackers to think twice before tampering the data.

You are the sole owner of the data as your private key is the only way to unlock your privacy. All the data is fully protected and encrypted and even if the cloud is breached, there are bare minimum chances for accessing the content as the attacker won’t be able to decrypt the files.

In a conversation with VentureBeat over an email, Chai said,

“The world deserves the Internet of Trusted Things. Our devices should work for us and not corporations. We want to show the world you can have both real data privacy and a great user experience at an affordable price point.” Source: VentureBeat

<img src="" alt="" class="wp-image-200 lazyload" />

Source: IoTeX,2020

According to a research conducted by Juniper Research, ‘The number of IoT devices is expected to exceed 50 billion by 2022. Source:


With the integration of blockchain and smart contracts, processes can be executed in predetermined rules alongwith the lightweight authentication and agreement protocols. A blockchain-within-a-blockchain with a fast, privacy-backed, scalable solution for anchoring the Internet of Things, bringing a lightweight technique for preserving privacy.

What keeps IoTeX apart from the mainstream is that IoTeX aims to solve the issues by incorporating a fast consensus mechanism providing flexibility and scalability with the use of sidechains. With the following features in its architecture, IoTeX aims to solve the issues that is impeding the mass adoption of IoT.

IoTeX has climbed onto the wagon to make everyday objects smarter and connected with end-to-end encryption ensuring user privacy where consumers can fully attain privacy and own their data.



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