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UN To Prevent Exploitation Of Hong Kong Migrant Workers With Blockchain

United Nations-led International Organization for Migration and blockchain financial services firm Diginex has jointly launched a blockchain tool aiming to prevent the exploitation of migrant workers in Hong Kong.

On Dec. 16 a press release was published by Diginex stating that a tool is designed to be used by about 1,500 Hong Kong-based migrant domestic worker recruitment agencies and some associated agencies in worker-sending countries.

The system’s name is:

International Recruitment Integrity System Self-Assessment for Ethical Recruitment (IRIS-SAFER).

Blockchain employed in the project to ensure that data records are safe and immutable, resulting in higher data integrity, transparency and visibility.

Preventing Migrant Workers Exploitation With Blockchain

Hong Kong shelters around 390,000 migrant workers 98% of which are women and 56% of which were reportedly charged illegal fees by recruitment agencies.

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IOM China chief of mission Giuseppe Crocetti commented:

“Through use of IRIS-SAFER, agencies will first learn what are global ethical recruitment standards, then be able to demonstrate their progress and, ultimately, prove their commitment. With this project, we are drawing from IOM’s global work, through the IRIS initiative, and tailoring it to the specific experience of recruiting migrant domestic workers to Hong Kong.”

The organization planning to deploy it globally after implementing it in  Hong Kong and other unspecified countries.

Diginex’s Recent Expansion

Recently, Diginex joined Blockchain Alliance, becoming the first firm in Asia to do so. Diginex claimed to be the “first fully diversified blockchain player on Nasdaq”.

Source: Cointelegraph


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