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UniFarm Introduces Crypto Meme Carnival, Winners To Receive Prizes Worth $2000

In today’s age of social media frenzy, meme culture is thriving and becoming an integral part of the growing social media landscape. Memes are considered a means to communicate emotions from a person to a community as a whole via catchy designs and short-format messaging. Meme culture is gaining a lot of popularity among the crypto and NFT e, keeping up with the trend collaborative wealth creation platform UniFarm, came up with Crypto Meme Carnival. The competition is live until 27th June - 3:30 PM UST with a reward pool of $2000 which will be divided amongst the chosen winners.

UniFarm has partnered with projects like Kommunitas, PolkaBridge, LegioDAO, Mars4, Wizardia, NFT4Play, Sportzchain, and S for the meme festival and its corresponding reward distribution. The criteria to participate in the competition will be:

  • Anyone can participate from any community.

  • Create a meme (Image, GIF, Sticker) about sponsored projects.

  • Tweet the meme with the hashtag #CRYPTOMEMECARNIVAL and Tag all sponsor projects.

Commenting on the same, Tarusha Mittal, COO & Co-Founder, UniFarm said:

“The meme culture is making its way into the Crypto and NFT community, with various meme coins gaining popularity. We at UniFarm always try to be at the top of our game and as a part of increasing our community engagements, we came up with Crypto Meme Carnival. Ever since the Meme Carnival's start, it has received a tremendous response with 200+ entries within 48hours.”

Winners from the Crypto Meme Carnival will be declared on all sponsor projects on Telegram and Twitter.



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