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Unknown Whale Moves More Than $1 Billion In Bitcoin

As Bitcoin continues to hold above $9,800, an unknown Bitcoin whale moves more than $1 billion in BTC.

According to blockchain data from June 11, an unknown BTC trader moved over 132,255 BTC, roughly $1.3 billion in three transactions with just one minute apart

The Bitcoin was moved in block 643,133.

3 bitcoin transactions worth over $1.3 billion in block 634,133 from CryptoCurrency

The transactions came as the price of BTC was still under a key resistance level, $10,000.

The massive volume led to speculation the BTC belonged to an exchange or custodial service. Speculations quickly arose on social media stating that maybe Coinbase Custody was responsible:

In April, crypto exchange Bitfinex had moved 161,500 BTC ($1.1 billion at the time) making it the single largest transaction of Bitcoin in history. 

However, neither Bitfinex’s nor this whale’s transaction was actually the largest amount of the cryptocurrency to ever be moved.

It goes to a 500,000 BTC transaction made on November 16, 2011. Worth $1.32 million at that time, that amount of Bitcoin could be liquidated for approximately $4.9 billion today.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Pixabay



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