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Unstoppable Domains Partners With MyEtherWallet Offering .Crypto Domains

Users of MyEtherWallet will soon be able to buy a .crypto domain from the wallet’s interface. Unstoppable Domains entered a partnership with the Ethereum wallet provider MyEtherWallet.

According to an announcement on April 23, the integration of a crypto wallet combined with a decentralized domain could all be set up in MEW with Unstoppable Domains.

We are very excited to become the first wallet registrar for Unstoppable Domains! Now, our users can buy a decentralized .crypto domain right from their wallet – and for a limited time, with an exclusive 30% discount! See our Medium post for details! — MyEtherWallet | MEW (@myetherwallet) April 23, 2020

One can create and get a .crypto name all at once, with MEW. Unlike DNS domains, where one purchases a .crypto domain, it’s a one-time payment and the domain is for life as an asset on the blockchain.

One can view it as an ERC721 token, NFT, in one’s wallet, via MEW’s NFT manager, in a block explorer like Etherscan, and on OpenSea. With a human-readable domain name, crypto payments can be as easy as any mainstream payment app.

The .crypto domains are supported in some of the most popular wallets including MEW, Trust Wallet, Coinomi, Atomic, and many others.

Unstoppable Domains can be accessed directly with the Opera browser, or with the Unstoppable Domains Chrome extension, bringing the decentralized Web3 closer than ever.

Official Source: MyEtherWallet | Image: Pixabay



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