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UPS Partners With HerdX To Track Beef Shipment Using Blockchain Technology

UPS, the International logistics provider, announced that it has shipped beef from the US to Japan while using blockchain technology from HerdX, a livestock tracing company that utilizes blockchain to monitor the shipment.

International #logistics provider @UPS announced that it has shipped beef from the #US to #Japan, tracked using #blockchain technology from @HerdxInc 👉 Get more info at #ABR #UPS #HerdX #UPS #beef #traceability #supplychain — Asia Blockchain Review (@abr_blockchain) November 21, 2019

According to a report, UPS revealed that it had partnered with HerdX to track a shipment of black Angus beef from Japanese-owned Creekstone Farms in Arkansas City in Kansas to a restaurant in Tokyo.

Likewise, from the US, the beef was placed in a temperature-controlled packaging in preparation for its journey to Japan.

It has been analyzed that during the flight, sensors were placed around the shipment to monitor and deliver readings to the blockchain platform operated by HerdX.

Once the beef was delivered to Ruby Jack’s steakhouse in Tokyo, diners ordering the steaks could use a QR code to check the origins and logistics of their beef.

However, UPS said that the blockchain-enabled shipment was a positive step for the international logistics industry.

Romaine Seguin, the President of UPS Global Freight Forwarding, stated that the firm worked with multiple stakeholders to ensure that the shipment went according to plan.

Seguin added:

“Blockchain verification for international air freight shipments is complex and requires a great amount of expertise in customs and freight forwarding. Getting it right has implications for many industries, such as restaurants, food & beverage, and retail.” Romaine Seguin

Major companies such as Walmart and Carrefour are already implementing blockchain technology to trace their products and certify the freshness of food from manufacturers to customers. 

Thus, proponents of blockchain say that these platforms can also be used as a marketing strategy to attract health and environment-conscious customers. 

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