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Valarhash Announces First Anniversary with Annual Highlights

Valarhash, a leading provider of mining services, is celebrating its first anniversary. Since its product launch conference in December 2019, attended by more than 400 industry professionals and covered by more than 100 media, the organization has hit new milestones almost monthly. This anniversary is commemorated by community activities as an expression of gratitude to its consumers.

Valarhash announced at the launch conference that it would be officially celebrating its first anniversary. The provider of mining services has prepared community activities for its users, as the company takes the opportunity to look back on its achievements over the past year. From December 9th to 15th, Valarhash has organized a week-long promotional campaign in their English Telegram group. Each day during the event, members who sign in with the words “Happy birthday to #Valarhash” will be able to share a value of $50 BTC. This is the first event the company has held for its anniversary.

1TMine, a computing power trading platform incubated by Valarhash, successfully attracted the attention of new and old miners during the first 6 months of its establishment. The number of updates in subsequent months was even more numerous. In January 2020, the Valarhash mining pool service was launched, with 1T officially serving as an external service. During the following month, 1TMine launched block transactions to provide miners with customized mining services. According to the platform, the daily income in Bitcoin for users can exceed 60 BTC in the case of the currency market downturn.

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This past summer marked a transitional period for Valarhash, as it witnessed the launch of its independently developed mine management software “Hashrate Manager” in June, which facilitated real-time supervision of managed mining machine computing power by hosting customers. This was followed by the addition of an English version to the computing power and computing power trading platform of the business during the following month, as an effort towards global expansion. Valarhash also obtained premium media coverage when the co-founder/CTO of Valarhash was interviewed by 36kr, and the CEO of Valarhash, Fiona Lv, was invited to the Binance Block 101 live broadcast to discuss the new mining ecology in the era of 2020.

In September, Valarhash collaborated with Canaan Technology and other mining machine suppliers to integrate mining machine resources. More recently, the mining machine hosting service was officially opened to global users, providing customized services for global mining investors. According to, the 1THash pool, Valarhash’s own mining pool, has placed 8th on the chart, with the daily income generated for users exceeding 80 BTC, while the total number of managed mining machines reached 100,000.

Valarhash aims to provide clients with transparent and beneficial mining plans using advanced technology and a lower barrier of entry. Over the last few months, Valarhash focused on exploring new product and demographic markets. 1TMine launched Ethereum mining products and added a primary market to make it more convenient for customers to place orders in batches. At the same time, Valarhash’s miner hosting business added Ethereum mining machines.

Fiona Lv, CEO of Valarhash, reflected on its first anniversary, saying that the business would “continue to strengthen and we will continue to look for high-quality power resources.” The mining service provider is committed to its goal of achieving greater international reach. To cater to a wider audience, Valarhash has begun providing services in Japanese and Korean, with additional mainstream languages such as Spanish, Russian, and French in the making. Valarhash is open to further collaboration with foreign counterparts to further bring mining machines and its mining pool services to the international community.

About Valarhash

Chengdu-based Valarhash integrates mining machine sales, miner hosting, mining pool, and mine construction services. Led by CEO Fiona Lv, Valarhash aims to provide users with transparent and beneficial mining plans using advanced technology, with a lower barrier of entry. Business operations cover hardware research and development, digital asset transactions, and 1TMine hash power contract sharing. With a leading position in the hash power market, Valarhash integrates frontier resources with global vision, providing crypto compute service (CCS) and linking physical and digital worlds with blockchain technology. See



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