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Vietnamese exchange Bvnex adds Dash coin

Bvnex, a Vietnamese crypto exchange recently announced that it has added Dash coins in its network to “foster a trading pair of Dash with Vietnamese Dong”.

Bvnex exchange is the latest platform for investors to bring cryptocurrency and national fiat currency pairings.

The exchange announced that Dash was added on its platform with the intention to pair with the national fiat currency, Dong. A trading pair allows two different currencies to be traded for one another.

Bvnex’s addition of Dash coins will allow pairing between Dong and Dash opening up directions for the full utilization of the national currency of Vietnam.

Bvnex officially announced the addition of Dash and InstantSend at a launch event by the Dash development group at September 14.

#DashNext is coming to #Vietnam with great news- The launch of #DASH/#VND fiat pair on The partnership allow to #exchange/#trade Dash with VND & enable the use of Dash at the Vietnam merchants @DashpayNews @Dashpay @dashvietnam1 — Dash Thailand (@DashinThailand) September 4, 2019

Bvnex and InstantSend

Bvnex also announced that it is launching InstantSend, a feature that allows speedy cash deposition in the exchange for faster trading. InstantSend is a function of Dash network.

Bvnex platform generally needs to go through 10 confirmations to enable dash withdrawals. However, with InstantSend unnecessary confirmations will be eliminated for faster transactions.

Dash is forked from bitcoin’s crypto protocol allowing anonymity with speedy transactions.

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