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Waves Enterprise Approaches Tokenomika Pte Ltd., To Operate Its Hybrid Public-Private Blockchain

The Waves Enterprise is embracing the blockchain adoption of Asian markets. Founder of Waves Enterprise, Sasha says:

Asian markets are much friendlier to enterprise blockchain adoption

Waves Enterprise has partnered with Tokenomika, a Singapore-based fintech company. The partnership is a strategic move in order to adopt the firm as an operator for its hybrid public-private blockchain. By March, the firm will operate the Waves Enterprise public permissioned network. As the expansion is the consequence of a shift with its attention to focus more on hybrid networks that can work with public blockchain platforms like Ethereum.

#WavesEnterprise's mainnet is moving to Singapore! Tokenomica, a Singapore-based fintech company, will operate the Waves Enterprise public network in the country, known by its advanced legislation in blockchain and crypto fields. — Waves Enterprise (@wvsenterprise) March 24, 2021

Gartner, in its hype cycle for blockchain report, predicts that the enterprise will subsequently proceed from fully private networks to hybrid or even fully public options. In the contrary, Waves have challenged the prediction on instructing networks that can seamlessly interface with a wider blockchain world.

As reported by Cointelegraph,Sasha Ivanov, founder of Waves, said:

There are no fully operating corporate or gov blockchain ecosystems yet; I would say that the market is still in search of a minimal viable ecosystem model. But in any case you need to start out with something small, that’s the only way to build a sustainable ecosystem. Time to move on. Waves does not have any crypto currency related projects in Russia any more We're going global baby 🙂 — Sasha Ivanov (@sasha35625) March 24, 2021

Ivanov also observed that companies like Hedera Hashgraph have been taking attempts to bring a mixed model, but he sees Waves’s offering as more comprehensive and detailed. While the market demand for hybrid solutions is still at a minimum, but hopes the demand cycle to change in three to four years time.

Singapore’s Tokenomica perfectly aligns with Waves’ vision. Sasha says:

Singapore has one one of the most advanced crypto and blockchain regulations in the world. It offers a neutral regime for the growth of crypto and digital assets transactions. All this made Singapore to emerge as the crypto hub in Asia. Such legal space is crucial for building next-gen ecosystems and disruptive economy models.

Source: Cointelegraph

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