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Web3Assam to Promote Web3.0 at Bodoland International Knowledge Festival 2023, Kokrajhar

Assam, India – Web3Assam, the one and only web3 community, working towards raising awareness of Web3 in Assam and the Northeast region of India, is proud to announce its participation as a collaborating organization in the upcoming Bodoland International Knowledge Festival. The festival is scheduled to take place from February 27th to March 2nd, 2023, at Bodoland University, Assam.

The Bodoland International Knowledge Festival is a premier event that brings together scholars, researchers, students, and professionals from different fields to exchange knowledge and ideas on various topics. The festival aims to create a platform for intellectual discourse, learning, and networking.

Web3Assam is the one and only organization in the entire festival that is working towards the awareness of Web3, which is the next evolution of the internet. Web3 is a decentralized web infrastructure that is secure, transparent, and censorship-resistant, which can create a more fair, transparent, and decentralized web.

“We are thrilled to participate in the Bodoland International Knowledge Festival as a collaborating organization. Our aim is to promote Web3 and its benefits to the people of Assam and the Northeast region of India. Through our participation in the festival, we hope to create awareness and educate people on the potential of Web3 to revolutionize the internet as we know it.”

Web3Assam will be participating in various events and activities throughout the festival in association with their event partners- IRL amigo, Doodhwala, LinkedinLocal Guwahati, Cryptonewspoint, OnFinance, Block Tides, Block Sol, Utilify, & Flag Predators Indian and supporting sponsors Trikon & Digital Notice to showcase the benefits and potential of Web3 to the participants. The organization will also engage with attendees through various interactive sessions and workshops.


About Web3Assam:

Web3Assam is a web3 social community-driven initiative dedicated to promoting the adoption and understanding of decentralized technologies and their potential to revolutionize various industries and sectors in the Assam & NE region through an effective branding strategy. The community was envisaged by Digital Notice Media Labs, Linkedinlocal Guwahati & CryptoNewsPoint.

The community will be hosting a variety of meetups, hackathons, corporate events, cultural events, ambassador programs, college events, tours, NFT concerts, fests, NFT events, art exhibitions, and workshops throughout the region. The goal is to bring together like-minded individuals from across the region to share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and drive the adoption of decentralized technologies.

For more information about Web3Assam, please visit







For more information, please contact:

Jesu Neelkamal Borah


Phone Number: +91 8404029692




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