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Web3ForAll announces Ur-Hackathon 2.0 to unlock potential of Web3 space

The Ur-Hackathon 2.0 is the perfect opportunity for developers, students, and web3 enthusiasts to come together and push the boundaries of blockchain technology. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this hackathon is open to anyone who wants to be a part of the decentralized future. The hackathon is an event that brings all levels of creative and developer minds together to build amazing things on blockchain. There is no problem statement, we are open to every idea that you have.

At Ur-Hackathon 2.0, you will have the chance to work with a team of 1-4 individuals to develop and build your own blockchain projects. Whether you want to create a new decentralized app, a new blockchain platform, or something else entirely, the possibilities are endless. The hackathon also consists of Workshops, Twitter Spaces & Special Sessions from great Web3 Leaders. These sessions are designed to provide participants with valuable insights and knowledge on the latest developments in blockchain technology.

The workshops will cover a wide range of topics, such as smart contract development, blockchain security, decentralized finance, and more. These sessions are perfect for those who are new to the world of web3 and want to learn more about the technology. They will be led by experienced developers and blockchain experts, who will guide participants through the process of building their own blockchain projects.

Twitter Spaces and special sessions will give participants the opportunity to connect with some of the most influential figures in the web3 space. These sessions will be led by experts in the field, who will share their experiences and insights on the future of blockchain technology. They will provide valuable perspectives on the current state of blockchain and the potential it holds for the future.

The hackathon also provides a great platform to network with like-minded individuals and experts in the field. It's a great opportunity to meet other developers, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts who share the same passion for building the decentralized future.

Date: Feb 17 to 24, 2023

Location: Online

Team Size: 1-4

Who: All Students, Web3 enthusiasts and working professionals -- no prior experience needed!

Prizes upto 250K+ INR & more coming

Register now at and be a part of the decentralized future. We look forward to seeing you all at Ur-Hackathon 2.0 and together we will push the boundaries of blockchain technology.



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