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WhatsApp seeks Blockchain expert in Africa

Facebook’s WhatsApp posted for a job opening for Public policy manager in Sub-Saharan Africa. The job would involve advocating blockchain in the region.

The messaging service wants someone who would “work closely with Facebook’s Africa Public Policy team to ensure blockchain technologies and digital payments can play their part in improving Africa’s socio-economic development.”

The ideal candidate needs to be an expert in cryptocurrency, digital identity, and blockchain. Job posting would be in London or Johannesburg requiring travel.

Firstly, looking away from the financial side of things, blockchain technology is aimed at taking away intermediaries – and in Africa – there are a number of spaces where intermediaries are corrupt, and inefficient. So, with blockchain, the processes that they can replace can also be made more efficient, and less prone to corruption. Forbes.Com Report.

A possibility

IMF Reports that a rough 10 percent of the GDP transactions occur through mobile payments. Mobile payment accounts even exceed bank accounts in the Sub-Saharan region. Whatsapp’s popularity in Africa could be a possibility for a fruitful outcome.

The posting is not clear whether Calibra, a wallet service of Facebook or controversial Libra would be involved. Although Libra states of financial services in developing countries enabling payment transfer across the globe.

Whatsapp is yet to comment for the same.

Facebook and blockchain

Facebook plans to launch Libra by the first half of 2020 despite facing pushbacks due to regulatory issues. However, Zuckerberg pledges that it will pushback its release unless regulators are not satisfied.

Calibra is also gearing up for in building a compliance team.

In total, 50 blockchain-related positions are posted out in Facebook’s career section including a policy expert in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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