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White Paper by China Telecom for Blockchain

China Telecom freshly released a White Paper on utilizing 5G and blockchain technology for the next generation of smartphones at the China International Intelligent Industry Expo, where it introduced the benefits of acquiring these new technologies to heighten security for users.

Smartphone Users all set for Blockchain Technology

It has been reported that China Telecom revealed that some of the advantages of accomplishing blockchain technology to smartphones contain enhanced transparency for transactions and more automation.

Blockchain is also going to authorize users to manage their digital assets, while the company indicated confidence that “regardless of data volume, data varieties and data dimensions, data assets will grow”.

China Telecom also added that though more smartphone manufacturers are acquiring blockchain for the mobile industry, the rate of mass adoption remains slow as smartphones that offer full blockchain features are not being mass-produced.

Addressing Mobile Issues with Decentralized Technology

In White Paper, China Telecom said that blockchain technology is going to allow mobile carriers to address issues that are still too common on mobile networks, such as loss of data, identity theft, and fraud. The White Paper also included a description of the company’s project to develop a digital asset management platform powered by blockchain.

The company cited an example of an area where blockchain can play a huge role in preventing theft and losses, as companies will be able to gather the IMEI numbers of smartphones, upload them to the blockchain, and immediately be able to identify devices that have been stolen in order to provide enhanced security to its users.


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