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YouTube New CEO Expresses Optimism About NFTs, Blockchain, And Metaverse

Neal Mohan, the new CEO of YouTube, has expressed optimism about nonfungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain, and the metaverse.

It has been reported that recently appointed as Susan Wojcicki’s successor, Mohan believes Web3 presents new opportunities for creators, which can foster deeper connections between creators and fans while providing new revenue streams.

However, he has discussed integrating new technologies into the video-sharing platform. This is welcome news for crypto and NFT fans. As the second most popular website in the world after Google, YouTube is already an entertainment powerhouse. But now, with Neal Mohan as its new CEO, the platform is setting its sights on the future.

The report said that they are exploring the integration of cutting-edge technologies like Web3, NFTs, and the metaverse. Mohan is keen to help creators connect with fans in exciting new ways and unlock new revenue streams. Previously, he shared in a blog post that YouTube is actively looking for ways to become more immersive through the use of NFTs.

Likewise, Mohan has exciting plans for YouTube. He imagines creators using NFTs to give fans verifiable ownership of unique videos, photos, art, and experiences. Mohan pointed out that YouTube is looking to help creators make more money and build their businesses.

He believes that technologies like NFTs could create new revenue streams not only for creators but also for fans and viewers. Mohan has recognized the need to approach these new technologies safely.

Thus, Mohan is also excited about the potential of the metaverse to create more immersive viewing experiences. He plans to focus first on gaming, making games more interactive and true to real life. YouTube is thinking big about the future, and Mohan is at the forefront of this exciting new era.

Source: NFT Evening



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