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YouTube’s 4 Day Crypto Content Ban Invokes Influencers Towards Decentralized Platforms

Youtube’s 4-day crypto content ban has invoked crypto influencers towards blockchain-based decentralized platforms like LBRY to share their content.

Yesterday YouTube aggressively deleted tons of tech and blockchain content. Stand up to YouTube by following affected on LBRY List @ @crypt0snews @TheCryptoLark @ChicoCrypto @AlexSaundersAU @blockchainchick @naomibrockwell @KennethBosak — LBRY (@LBRYio) December 26, 2019

On Dec. 23 YouTube took down some of the most popular crypto contents stating them to be “harmful content” while temporarily banning the accounts of some of the most popular Crypto Youtubers.

The ban lasted for about four days before YouTube re-enabled crypto contents while admitting there had been a mistake from their side on twitter.

Decentralized Platforms For The Better

LBRY, a decentralized content sharing, and publishing platform have been over 500,000 people. LBRY said that nearly 200,000 people have started using the platform in the last month itself.

CEO and Founder of LBRY, Jeremy Kauffman:

“Following the YouTube ban, access over the last 24 hours to LBRY has increased nearly 100% day-over-day.”

LBRY is a decentralized video sharing platform that uses blockchain technology to allow content creators to store or download content in a peer-to-peer manner. LBRY being an open-source platform signifies that developers can contribute to the code that is powering the platform.

Kauffman adds:

“I deeply believe in free speech, open-source, and personal choice. LBRY is a reflection of all of those values”

Compared to YouTube that has strict policies in content sharing, Kauffman adds that LBRY doesn’t have strict policies regarding what users share and publish:

“LBRY as a protocol doesn’t have policies on these things, just like HTTP or SMTP doesn’t have a policy on these things. However, as a U.S. company, we do have a content policy for what is allowed to be stored on our servers.”

Kauffman further adds that YouTube has recently been the platform’s “number one supporter” as many YouTubers have migrated over to LBRY as the video giant continues to “enforce rules, arbitrary, ban or demonetize people for flimsy reasons, etc.”

Kauffman further adds:

“Building a business or a following on YouTube is building on quicksand. YouTube regularly censors and bans creators, with capricious and arbitrary rules enforcement.”

YouTuber Omar Bham adds that he has been recommending LBRY since YouTube’s crypto-content ban:

“As far as decentralized platforms, I’ve been recommending LBRY. The syncing process is simple, rewards can be claimed for all sorts of actions, and data syncs itself without any input from me. That will remain the case for any future uploads – they automatically end up on LBRY as a backup. This is powerful, as I don’t need to worry about YouTube one day removing all my videos permanently. They’ll live on.”

Source: Cointelegraph


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