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Yuga Labs’ Meebits Embraces Social Media And Gaining Traction

Reports said that the digital world of Meebits has taken a leap into the realm of social media. The voxel community, created by Yuga Labs, joined Instagram yesterday. As so, by making a grand entrance, the project has already attracted over 500 followers.

It has been reported that Yuga Labs’ Meebits, known for their unique voxel art, couldn’t ignore the potential that Instagram had to offer. As a result, the project announced its move to the popular social media platform with a tweet that read, “Couldn’t resist the call of the squares any longer. We’re now !meebin over on Insta too. Say hi.”

However, as so, this announcement has piqued the interest of fans and casual Instagram users alike, who are eager to follow the project’s journey on the platform. To celebrate their Instagram debut, Yuga Labs shared a series of 12 images featuring a voxel pig using a Meebits phone. This clever and playful introduction to the Instagram community is a testament to the project’s commitment to its voxel art and the creativity that drives it.

The report said that this move to Instagram will enable Meebits to engage with a wider audience. The platform has over one billion active users. As so, the potential for growth and increased exposure to new fans is immense, and the Meebits project could benefit significantly from the added visibility.

Likewise, the Meebits Instagram account not only represents an opportunity to share its art with a larger audience, but it also serves as a platform for collaboration and networking. By connecting with other artists, designers, and NFT enthusiasts, Meebits can continue to build a vibrant community around their project.

Instagram’s features, such as Stories and IGTV, will provide Meebits with additional tools. These will allow them to interact with their followers and share behind-the-scenes content.

Thus, this level of engagement could foster a deeper connection between the project and its fans. While also allowing them to feel more involved in the creative process.

Source: NFT Evening




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