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Zoom To Offer End-To-End Encryption For Both Free And Paid Users

Popular video conference app, Zoom‘s end-to-end encryption, or E2EE, has finally arrived for their software according to official announcement on June 17.

It will be provided to both free and paid users, as long as their account has passed the company’s verification process.

End-to-end encryption update from Zoom – we have found a path forward to provide this feature to all users (free and paid) around the globe >>⁰ << — Zoom (@zoom_us) June 17, 2020

According to the announcement, during the beta phase that will start from July, users should verify their phone numbers via a text message.

The aim of the step is to prevent the mass creation of abusive accounts.

Zoom commented:

“We are confident that by implementing risk-based authentication, in combination with our current mix of tools – including our Report a User function – we can continue to prevent and fight abuse.”

Zoom users will continue to use AES 256 GCM transport encryption as the default encryption, which they rate as

“one of the strongest encryption standards in use today.”

According to Zoom’s whitepaper, E2EE will be an optional feature that limits some meeting functionality such as the ability to include traditional PSTN phone lines or SIP/H.323 hardware conference room systems.

Source: Cointelegraph | Image: Unsplash



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