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ZORA Continues Its Web3 Innovation With New Feature: Trending For NFT Drops

ZORA, the popular digital marketplace, has continued its Web3 innovation with a new feature: Trending, as users can see the most minted nonfungible token (NFT) drops filtered by hours, days, and weeks.

It has been reported that this new system helps creators reach out to a broader audience while facilitating collectors’ access to trending collections. Only two weeks after launching its new Tumblr-like feed, ZORA returns with a brand new option for its users.

However, the feature called ‘Trending’ is basically a web page showing the top 25 most minted NFT drops from multiple Web3 platforms. In addition, the new feature reveals how many NFTs were minted throughout the day, the mint price, and a preview of the digital collectibles included.

The report said that ZORA’s Trending page brings together top Ethereum drops from multiple platforms, including essential information about each drop. Users can check out the most popular collections within minutes and mint while a drop is still trending.

Likewise, ZORA is an Ethereum-centered NFT marketplace for Web3 creators and collectors. Although it was founded in 2020, the platform gained popularity this month thanks to its recent upgrades. For example, ZORA benefited from a refreshed feed earlier this month.

The feed, built using a personalized algorithm, selects the top NFTs from multiple platforms and displays them accordingly. In fact, its design resembles Tumblr a lot in terms of clarity and navigation.

Thus, this innovative feed and the new Trending feature enhance investors’ Web3 experiences. This new system also benefits content creators with plenty of free exposure for their creations.

Source: NFT Evening




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