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DeLorean Is Making History With First NFT-Powered Car Reservation Feature

DeLorean, the famous car producer, is making history with the first nonfungible token (NFT)-powered car reservation feature. Basically, those who want to buy the brand’s upcoming electric vehicle Alpha5 can mint an NFT from the dedicated marketplace.

It has been reported that this year, DeLorean is one step closer to releasing its (already) popular electric coupe car, the Alpha5. Besides its impressive performance on the road, this vehicle brings another surprise: a unique NFT reservation system.

However, together with the Web3 tech solution company NFT IQ, the two groups created the world’s first “EV Digital Twin.” In short, each DeLorean Alpha5 NFT vehicle is linked to a physical production slot of the car. These collectibles will also be available on a dedicated marketplace for all holders.

The report said that each holder can customize their vehicle six months before the real-life version is made. What’s more, the “ER Digital Twin” also serves as an in-game avatar and offers access to exclusive DeLorean events.

Thus, DeLorean’s “ER Digital Twin” NFT car reservation feature may be the first of its kind, but it’s definitely not the last. After all, we’ve seen the phygital NFTs niche skyrocket in popularity recently, with giant companies embracing the trend.

Source: NFT Evening




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