IndexChain Launches WIS Blockchain Game Platform, Officially Begins Operation On March 10

IndexChain is launching WIS, a professional blockchain game platform, which will officially begin operation on March 10, 2020.

It has been reported that currently, WIS has been running including digital currency real-time quotes, OTC transactions, and game applications.

However, users can use DIC (the IndexChain coin) to stake on WIS, so as to obtain profit sharing on the WIS platform. The more users staked, the more platform dividends they will receive.

WIS game applications have legal licenses to operate online entertainment games with the collection of multiple blockchain development experts, gaming experts, experienced service teams, marketing experts, and the establishment of online entertainment games based on blockchain technology.

It has been analyzed that WIS is currently in the process of testing binary options applications and the interest-bearing deposits sector. The core of standard binary options is to predict the direction of the underlying assets (stocks, commodities, indices, foreign exchange) in a certain period of time.

Likewise, investors don’t need to buy or own assets in real-time, they only need to predict the trend of asset changes. Based on the result of whether the closing price of an asset is lower or higher than the execution price within a specified time (such as the next hour), a trader simply needs to make a decision on the direction of the price change: the price of the underlying asset is whether it will rise or fall without having to consider other factors.

WIS’s binary options and interest-bearing applications have been systematically verified and pre-marketed, and have laid a very active community, and have reached close cooperation with well-known global fund companies.

However, WIS, together with its operation team, technical team, and management team, continuously improves the strength of technological research and development, grasps the latest enthusiasm of the blockchain era, and always strives for progress.

Thus, in the end, IndexChain will achieve full coverage of financial and game ecosystems with DApps.

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