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Leon Bridges Teams Up With Wrangler For Unique NFT Collection

Leon Bridges, the American soul singer, has teamed up with Wrangler for a unique collection that includes a 1/1 nonfungible token (NFT).

It has been reported that the “Mr. Wrangler Legendary” is a custom Wrangler denim suit designed by Leon Bridges, using Wrangler fabric. The suit connects via a scannable logo, which links to the digital version.

However, as a result, this makes the owner a fashion icon, both IRL and in the Web3 world. The NFT auction for the Leon Bridges Wrangler Suit NFT is now LIVE. It has been running for 48 hours, exclusively at LTD.INC, and as of September 16, the bid was 1.75 ETH ($2,589.84).

The report said that this week, at a private event at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, Leon Bridges and Wrangler hosted a private preview of their upcoming IRL capsule fashion collection. The collection launches in the coming weeks. Not only this, but they also announced theMr. Wrangler Legendary NFT’. This custom full denim suit is an actual work of art.

Likewise, it features the words ‘Wranglers Jeans’ across the suit jacket and jeans in the iconic bright yellow Wrangler color. The suit also comes with a cool suitcase that is both retro and futuristic.

The Mr. Wrangler Legendary’ denim suit comes with some fantastic utility. This includes -- the Physical replica of the Mr. Wrangler denim suit comes with exclusive content accessible via LTD.INC’s scanning technology, the custom-made retro-futuristic suitcase that the denim suit comes in, the Digital animation Gold Edition Mr. Wrangler NFT (that is proof of ownership), ultra unique custom 1/1 Decentraland metaverse wearable, and whitelist access to future Wrangler drops IRL and Web3.

Thus, LTD.INC has made the NFT collaboration between Leon Bridges and Wrangler a reality. The Web3 platform helped to connect the physical and digital suit, using their NFC tech for the Wrangler Jeans suit and the event’s VIP passes.

Source: NFT Evening


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