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Sylo Partners With Bitbns To Serve The Indian Market

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND; 17 July 2020 – Global software development house Sylo has officially partnered with premiere Indian exchange, Bitbns, to better serve the Indian market’s growing demand for legitimate crypto-projects.

A unique place where the old and new worlds collide, it’s clearer every day to those watching the market that #IndiaWantsCrypto

Bitbns, a bona fide cryptocurrency exchange and one of India’s first, represents a significant partnership for Sylo that is positioned to help extend key functionalities into the experience of Sylo Smart Wallet users.

#BreakingNews – We’re proud to announce our partnership with @bitbns to answer the call of #IndiaWantsCrypto 😎🇮🇳🚀 Read the full release here > #SyloSmartWallet #SYLO — Sylo (@sylo) July 17, 2020

The Sylo-Bitbns alliance is one that makes sense across business and product levels – with both partners sharing the belief that “digital currencies are the future of money” and are an area to which users need straightforward access.

Through their partnership, Sylo and Bitbns aim to take cryptocurrency usage to the mainstream in India.

Those who guessed SYLO couldn't be more correct. ✌️ Yes, coming up on Bitbns soon, is @sylo. 😎🔥#Cryptocurrency #CryptoHiSahiHai — Bitbns (@bitbns) July 17, 2020

Often deemed complex, Sylo solves one of the biggest hurdles to the normalisation of cryptocurrency through the Sylo Smart Wallet, a highly-usable app designed from conception to “make crypto simple”.

The move for a more dedicated expansion into India will not come as a surprise to anyone keeping an eye on the Sylo success story. Recently, the tech firm revealed that in Q2 2020, they had already seen a 500% growth in sign-ups to the Sylo Smart Wallet app from India, with Indian users now making up 30% of the apps more than 250,000 strong overall user-base.

“India’s new-found enthusiasm for digital assets and privacy after the restriction of certain privacy-hogging apps like WeChat and TikTok has presented a significant opportunity to offer India a ‘WeChat’ of sorts that incorporates all the best elements of new generation communications tech, without the privacy concerns, and with the added benefits of crypto assets,” Gaurav Dahake, CEO, Bitbns

<img width="1024" height="576" src="" alt="The Sylo Smart Wallet makes sending and receiving cryptocurrency as easy as sending a text message." class="wp-image-20557 lazyload"/>

The Sylo Smart Wallet makes sending and receiving cryptocurrency as easy as sending a text message

Gaurav adds:

“This is an area where the Sylo Smart Wallet, being developed on decentralised infrastructure, is primed to address and a key reason we’re excited about this partnership opportunity.”

Sylo also offers a solution for the unbanked of India. In terms of barriers to getting started on Sylo, there are very few – neither a sign-up cost nor the mandatory provision of an email address or phone number is required in order to create a Sylo Smart Wallet account.

<img width="1024" height="636" src="" alt="" class="wp-image-20544 lazyload"/>

From left – Sylo Co-Founder and Business Director Dorian Johannink and Sylo Co-Founder and Product Director Ben Jordan

The result of this forward-thinking is the ability to instantly provide millions of people with access to de-fi services. Using the Sylo Smart Wallet, users can request and receive payments in chat, store and interact with digital assets such as Bitcoin or any ERC-20 compatible token, such as Ether or BAT, in the non-custodial wallet.

“We realised a long time ago that in order to see widespread adoption, we needed to make interacting with crypto as simple as any other activity you might do on a smartphone. That’s why sending and receiving cryptocurrency in the Sylo Smart Wallet is as straightforward as sending a message.” Dorian Johannink, Co-Founder and Business Director, Sylo

<img width="1024" height="768" src="" alt="The-Sylo-Team-at-their-headquarters-in-Auckland-New-Zealand. bitbns" class="wp-image-20552 lazyload"/>

Dorian added:

“Our design team have worked hard to create an app that is clean, fast, intuitive, and astonishingly simple to use. The Sylo Smart Wallet user statistics speak for themselves, the app has been available for just ten months and already has over a quarter of a million users. We’re confident that Sylo can meet India’s desire to get in the crypto game.”

Other features of the app include the ability to send messages, make audio and video calls, utilise a Web3 Ethereum dApp browser to spend crypto, and to pay using cryptocurrency in the real world at relevant vending machines.

The Sylo-Bitbns partnership will also see the SYLO token, an ERC20-compatible utility token that fuels the Sylo Network, listed on the Bitbns platform as of July 23, 2020.

Download the Sylo Smart Wallet from the Google Play or Apple App stores.

For more information, please contact: Susan | Anabela Rea

For further announcements, follow Sylo on Twitter, Medium or visit



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