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US Redditor Cashed In On All Of Their Bitcoin To Pay For Their Dog's Cancer Treatment

A Redditor “Dojeckahedron” has cashed in all of their Bitcoin (BTC) to pay for their dog Derby’s cancer treatment.

Dojeckahedron said that they are “grateful” that they had Bitcoin to pay for Derby’s radiation treatment. For Dojeckahedron and their family, using Bitcoin as an investment strategy to pay for things was enough.

He added:

“This is the moon for us, we’re happy with that.”

It has been reported that the family began accumulating Bitcoin “right at the beginning of the pandemic.”

Back in March 2020, when most of the world was locked down at home, many retail investors began to learn about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies—the Dojeckahedrons included:

“I believe we made our first investment in April 2020 and then primarily invested our stimulus checks along with a few smaller buys during some dips.”

The report said that Americans investing their stimulus into Bitcoin made a $4,500 profit. For Dojeckahedron, a Reddit comment revealed that they had “doubled” their initial investment using the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. The Dojeckahedron family had sadly already lost Derby’s brother to cancer six years prior, so "after weighing all of our options, cashing out [to pay for treatment] was the best way for us to avoid completely depleting our personal savings."

Thus, a silver lining for Derby’s parents, the Reddit Bitcoin community was not only compassionate enough to share well wishes but it’s also helped the family to replenish their stack of Satoshis.

Source: Cointelegraph